Yuk Belajar bahasa Prancis di Narotama!

Bonjour! Now you can say it with pride since Narotama University opens French language Course this September 1st 2013!  Free for  15 Narotama University students who pass the selection. As for you who do not bothered by the selection, feel free to join the course, IDR 1,5 Million for 3,5 months reaching A1 level of French Language Mastery, include course book and CD plus a  year membership of Mediatek, French library at Institut Francais Surabaya! The course is open for both narotama UNiversity students and public!

No more waiting, just register yourself to NLC and reap the benefit! 


Contact Us :

1. Ani 081515819001

2. Qausya 0817368983

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