The Top 11 Parisian Instagram Accounts To Follow

Sébastien Pélegrin

Sébastien Pélegrin is an art director of press magazines in Paris. Just when you think Paris can’t get any more stunning, you take a look at Pélegrin’s work. He beautifully captures traditional shots of Paris featuring the Eiffel Tower, and other lesser-known locations as well. Many of his shots incorporate the use of water for reflective purposes, and the results are outstanding.

Jeanne Damas

The ultimate cool french girl, blogger Jeanne Damas is the latest in a long line of french girls we wish we were. Follow her account to see behind-the-scenes shots of her life in the parisian fashion world. She also includes snapshots of her mediterranean vacation spots, her other trendy French friends, and shots of her typically French fashion.


L’Instant Parisien

‘Paris off the beaten track’ is how the Instagram account, L’instant Parisien, would describe itself. Click the link in their bio and visit their website, where an ‘instant parisien,’ or a ‘Parisian moment,’ is described as enjoying a coffee in an artist’s atelier, or maybe a bit of sun trapped on the balcony of a photographer. It is a visit to an old printer and then to the Seine river to remember that Paris is beautiful. L’instant Parisien is an Instagram account dedicated to capturing the unusual and quiet moments one can find in busy Paris, if they look hard enough.


Paris Je T’Aime

This is the official Instagram account of the Paris Tourist Office. Here one can find ideas on what to do while vacationing in Paris, new exhibits at museums in the city, new restaurants and cafés, and anything else a visitor of Paris may need. The posts are written in English, so it is easy for those who do not speak French to understand them. This account isn’t just for tourists, however; it’s also great to follow for up-to-date information on what is going onin France’s capital city.

How To Be Parisian

How to be Parisian Wherever You Are is a book by Parisian women Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas. Described as ‘a fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisienne,’ the book is fun, sarcastic, and smart. Their Instagram account provides a small peek into what one will find in their book. Updated almost daily, this account shares witty quotes, updates on the authors’ lives, and cool screenshots of classic French films. A must-follow for those of us who dream of being an actual Parisian woman.


French Words

This account wants to share the french language through Instagram. Why? In their bio they answer with, ‘because French is beautiful.’ Updated with a new French vocabulary word almost daily, this account is a interesting for those who want to learn a few little words enfrançais. The simple images of the French words are captioned with an english translation and its phonetic pronunciation. This account is perfect for those who want to learn a bit of french, or brush up on the words that they already know.


Paris Promenades

Paris Promenades is the Instagram account of the websiteEt si on se promenait à Paris. This translates as ‘And if we walked around Paris.’ This account shares beautiful images of hidden courtyards, winding cobblestone streets, charming cafés, hidden green spaces, and stunning architecture that you can find if you walk around Paris. This account is great for those who want to discover the unusual and lesser-known areas hidden within the city, known only to those who take the time to wander around.


36 Minutes In Paris

Blogger Carin Olsson ‘moved to Paris to follow her dreams and ended up never leaving,’ as the bio for her Instagram tells us. Olsson is a European photographer who decided to pursue her dream of living in the city of lights. She also runs a blog by the same name. This is a must-follow for those of us who feel Paris and fashion go hand-in-hand. Visit Olsson’s page for images of stylish clothing and accessories, fashion photography, and shots of delicious Parisian food.


My Little Paris

This is the account behind the website by the same name, My Little Paris. This site delivers a daily newsletter via email, discussing interesting things to do in Paris. The newsletter offers everything from where to get a good haircut in the city to a list of their favorite cafes. Their Instagram account is perfect to follow if you’re looking for something a cool, trendy local would do.


Lost In Cheeseland

This account is the work of Lindsey Tramuta, an American self-described francophile living in Paris. She is currently a food and travel writer, and is working on a book. This is a great account to follow for fellow expats trying to navigate their way around Paris, as her page provides an inside look at her daily life in the city.


VuTheara Kham

One of the most followed French Instagram accountsVutheara Kham is a French photographer of Cambodian origins, based in Paris. As described on his website: he is fascinated by light, street photography and urban landscape. Visit his page for wonderful pictures from different and unique angles. Vutheara is interesting to follow for the way he captures familiar Parisian scenes we seem to have seen over and over, presenting them in a beautifully different way.

By Molli McConnell


The Top 11 Parisian Instagram Accounts To Follow

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